Ancestor Tombs

Following the press article about Dr.Wu Lien Teh ancestral tombs, the Cantonese cemetery at Mount Erskine, Penang, we began the search for the location of the tombs in March 2015.

Press Article

We found the 3 ancestral tombs just in time as the Kwangtung Cemetery Association, had already marked the graves for exhumation. As we have claimed ownership on the Family’s behalf, and the Association is now aware of the historical significance, we hope no action will be taken. 

Discovering Ng Khee Hock and Lam Choy Fan’s tombs.

Grass covered Ancestral Tombs

Ng Khee Hock Tomb Stone


 Lady Kotai tomb


Founding ancestors


 Lam Look Ing

The oldest tomb is that of Dr Wu’s Grandmother who died in 1879.

Lam Choy Fan, Mother of Dr Wu died in 1908 and Ng Khee Hock his Father died in 1916. 
The middle Tomb is that of Lam Looking, 6th youngest Brother of Lam Choy Fan, who died in 1937, multi millionaire of Ipoh. 
layout of tombs site
All 3 tombs need maintenance especially the tomb of Dr Wu’s parents. We appeal to all descendants of Lam Choy Fan and Ng Khee Hock to help make contributions to the Ancestral Tomb Fund. 
If You are descended from the following children of Ng Khee Hock and Lam Choy Fan, please help with any amount of donations 
Sons :
1. Ng Lean Seng
2. Ng Lean Heng
3. Ng Lean Fatt 
4. Ng Lean How
5. Wu Lien Teh
6. Ng Tuck On 
1. Ng Ngoot Har
2. Ng Ngoot Kwee
3. Ng Ngoot Cheng
4. Ng Ngoot Meng
5. Ng Ngoot Lew
6. Ng Ngoot Sim 
The fund is managed by Alison Chong with the monies being held in trust by the Dr Wu Lien Teh Society of Penang. Currently, Alison Chong is the Vice President of the Society. 



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